PHoto Credits: JULY ON / hartts

Korean Hip-Hop/R&B DisKovery – June 24

Welcome back to another edition of our monthly Hip-Hop and R&B discovery series! This time, we’re shining a spotlight on some criminally underrated artists whose latest releases are nothing short of spectacular. Get ready for a few hours of incredible music that will keep you hooked. Let’s dive in!

Kicking off this month’s discoveries is Fredi Casso, who has teamed up with Ambid Jack for the album “Death Therapy.” This release is a raw and powerful journey into core hip-hop, with effortlessly good beats that take you back to the genre’s roots. Every track is a hit, but if you’re new to their style, start with “Death Therapy” and “Smile” for a taste of their impressive artistry.

Next up is a fresh discovery: JULY ON. Although he has been in the industry for a few years, his latest EP “HOSADAMA” has finally put him on our radar. His music blends R&B with EDM, featuring mesmerizing vocals and outstanding compositions. This release is a beautiful, seamless listen. Don’t miss out on “SHELL” and “Self Made” featuring Swervy—these tracks are pure gems.

With a few years in the industry, Hartts is still a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by many. His latest single “Daisy” is the perfect introduction to his music. This song is not just sweet and sexy, but also incredibly catchy. It’s a must-add to your playlist!

Last but certainly not least, we have SC4F and MADII, two indie artists who teamed up for the single “Money Flow.” This track is a fantastic blend of trendy beats and catchy rhythms, showcasing their charismatic and refreshing style. It’s a perfect seasonal anthem that will have you vibing all day long.

That wraps up this edition of our monthly discoveries! Be sure to check out our exclusive monthly playlists to discover even more amazing music. Let us know in the comments which tracks you’re adding to your playlist!

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