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CODE KUNST teases his 5th LP with ‘Archive 01’

Producer, composer and now also TV personality CODE KUNST is back with the pre-release single album ‘Archive 01‘, ahead of his fifth LP which will be released later this month.

This release includes two new singles, ‘BAD BAD‘ featuring Tabber and Jay Park kicking off the music with dope beats and a fantastic mixing and composition. Tabber’s falsettos and groove in this song gets real. The vocal layering in his part is smooth and serves as the perfect opener for Jay Park’s rapping and unique flow. The instrumentals in this track are fantastic and the synth, just flawless.

With the second single ‘55‘ this pre-release takes a soft R&B turn with the vocals of Yerin Baek and WENDY. This duo take listeners to heaven in this incredible song with their performance. Every single second is absolutely breathtaking and its composition stunning from start to end. As if this single cannot get better, the music video shares the story of several people and the contrast between them is emotional and heartbreaking. Check it below.

This pre-release has us absolutely hyped up. As usual CODE KUNST delivered incredible music and very interesting collaboration, we are very excited to listen what surprises his fifth LP will bring. In the meanwhile, listen to this release here.

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