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[R&B Gem] Crush

We’re back with a brand new R&B Gem, this time featuring the ever-amazing Crush. I’ve known about him pretty much as soon as I started getting into the Korean music scene. I remember I was utterly obsessed with his song ‘Lay Your Head On Me’ and I even featured is as one of our first MV Recs. 

Crush or Shin Hyo-seob was born in 1992 and officially debuted in 2014 with his single ‘Sometimes’. It’s kind of interesting to see how some things remain the same from his debut single to right now. The great vocals, his falsetto, the sweeping strings, the hidden funk are all staples in his music nowadays. It’s kind of amazing how he found his own signature style so early on.

Before he debuted as a solo artist, he was already in a crew with VV:D with Zion.T, Gray, Loco and Elo. The amount of power in there is intimidating.

I think ‘Sofa’ is still one of his most famous songs.


‘Outside’ featuring Beenzino is, if I remember correctly, the first song I ever heard by him. I mean, it’s hilarious, iconic and a tad insane but I’m living for it.

Crush has some amazing collaborations and honesty, he has too many to list them all. I’ll share a couple of my favorites though.

I think one of his most famous collabs still is the song with Dean and Zico that was released in 2016. Yeah, you’re not the only one surprised. I can’t believe this was released in 2016, if I’d never heard it and you told me it dropped today, I would have bought it. This song is timeless and I’ve never gotten sick of it.

Something I really, really like about Crush’ solo works is that they’re so easy to listen to in one setting. Take for example his album ‘From Midnight To Sunrise’, you turn it on and you get lost in it. If you want to read my review about that one, you can click here

Right now he’s signed under P Nation and he’s been dropping amazing bops left and right. We love to see/hear it. His latest release was a single album ‘OHIO’ featuring two songs and they were both SO good. 

I will leave it at this, because I feel like I’ve been fangirling quite a bit. I wanted to share one more song with you. His live stage of ‘none’ is amazing and I hope that you enjoy it.

You can find the R&B singer Crush’ Spotify here.
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