Photo Credits: Hello Live

MV Rec: WUMUTI – You Make Me Better

We’re back with a brand new music video recommendation! This week, we want to highlight a solo debut that has captivated us with its beautiful sound and minimalist visuals. Let’s talk about WUMUTI’s “You Make Me Better.”

If you’re unfamiliar with his name, WUMUTI is renowned for his participation in MNET’s “Boys Planet” and “Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survival”, among a few other survival shows. “You Make Me Better” marks his first single album, brimming with exquisite instrumentals and his emotional, delicate vocals.

The music video for this single amplifies the song’s sentiment, presenting an introspective journey through emotions. WUMUTI’s delivery is heartfelt, and every second of the video exudes deep feeling. The minimalist sets and delicate shots are expertly crafted, showcasing a tender side of him. This release dropped just a couple of weeks ago, and we hope it gains the recognition it truly deserves. Don’t miss out—watch it below.

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