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Ode To The Artist: Yerin Baek

Korean singer-songwriter Yerin Baek is well-deserving of an Ode To The Artist. She has firmly made a spot for herself in the entertainment industry with her mellow vocals and her brilliant ballads that range from R&B, to pop, to jazz. It’s always an experience to listen to one of her albums. 


Yerin Baek started her career in the duo 15& together with JAMIE. 

15& debuted in 2012 and was formed by JYP. The duo was very popular and released a handful of singles and one full-length studio album in 2014. They were active until 2015 when they started a four year hiatus. 

However, Baek joined the competition ‘Amazing Contest Star King’ when she was 10 in 2007. She performed the song ‘Listen’ from the movie ‘Showgirl’.

Solo debut

In 2015, Baek released her solo debut EP ‘Frank’. The title track ‘Across the universe’ has more than five million plays on Spotify. 

Her next release was the single album ‘Bye bye my blue’.

After that she came back with another digital single ‘Love you on Christmas’ and several OSTs for shows like ‘Chicago Typewriter’ and ‘A-Teen2’.

In September 2019, Yerin Baek announced that she would be leaving JYP Entertainment and she would be starting her own independent record label Blue Vinyl. 

She also came out with the stunning ‘Our Love is Great’ in 2019.


My favorite part of her releases are the full-length albums ‘Every letter I sent you’ and ‘tellusaboutyourself’. I’ve been particularly obsessed with the latter. 

The two albums were dropped on 10 December 2019 and 2020 respectively. 

Her single ‘Popo (how deep is our love)’ was the first single she came out with under Blue Vinyl. It was a pre-release of the album ‘Every letter I sent you’. Honestly what a song to start a new chapter of your career with. This is still such a fabulous song. 

One of my personal favorites of that album is ‘Can i b u’, which I figured I’d share too.

Her album ‘tellusaboutyourself’ is filled with amazing songs like ‘Hate You’, ‘I’ll be your family’ and many many more.

Another notable performance I wanted to share is this live session. Honestly, it’s a vibe and I can’t believe I get to watch this for free. 

I for one am super excited to see what she’ll release next. Yerin Baek’s level of artistry is next level. She has a very poetic style of storytelling that, while simple, is also easy to understand and relate to. 

Go check out her Instagram. You can find her on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.