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Rapper In The Spotlight: VEKOEL

In this week’s Rapper in the Spotlight, we’re shining a light on an artist who has been in the industry for a few years but has only recently caught our attention with her unique sound and captivating style. Let’s delve into the career of VEKOEL.

Early Beginnings and Debut

VEKOEL debuted in 2020 under the label lil weed baby with the dual single album “umm uh.” Just days after this release, she made her first comeback with the single “Garcons Eyes,” quickly establishing herself in the underground hip-hop scene.

Her debut showcased an underground hip-hop vibe characterized by sharp rapping and strong beats, immediately setting her apart with a distinctive style that blends grit with innovation.

First EP: Building a Unique Discography

Continuing to build her musical repertoire, VEKOEL released her first EP, “Woo-wa,” in the same year. Unfortunately, this release and the follow-up single “Purple Drink” are currently unavailable on streaming platforms.

After a brief hiatus, she returned in 2022 with the EP “5 STARS.” This release marked a significant shift in her musical direction, featuring more experimental beats and the use of autotune to add a unique edge to her flow, enhancing her already distinctive style.

The Year of Collaborations

2023 was a pivotal year for VEKOEL, filled with notable collaborations. She released three single albums: “Nail My Leeds,” “2V,” and “Lee Boo-jin,” featuring artists such as Skinny Brown and The Quiett. These collaborations showcased her versatility and ability to blend her style with other prominent artists in the scene.

Latest Releases and Future Prospects

VEKOEL‘s latest release is the EP “Speakeasy.” This collection includes several pre-release singles from the previous year, along with five new tracks that highlight her growth as an artist and her continually evolving sound.

As VEKOEL continues to expand her musical horizons and explore new sounds, make sure to follow her on Instagram, discover hidden gems on her Soundcloud, and dive into her full discography for an experience.

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