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[Review] BTOB 4U – INSIDE

BTOB 4U released their debut mini-album ‘INSIDE’. This is the new sub-unit from BTOB and has the members Eunkwan, Minhyuk, Changsub and Peniel. We are hella stoked for this one!


We start off with the title track ‘Show Your Love’ which was composed by Hyunsik before he enlisted. This one kind of has a weird dance vibe while the lyrics are super heartfelt. It’s a strange mix but it 100% works. 

‘Tension’ follows that and gives us that sexy R&B vibe. I’m really digging the combination of the very light piano with the funky guitar. When they add the synths in the chorus, mixed with their vocals it sounds hella dope. During Peniel’s verse they make the sound a lot sparser and it sounds really cool.

After that we get ‘Bull’s Eye’. This is such an interesting song. It’s a punk rock meets pop fusion and it sounds awesome. The rap verse is insane, Peniel, Minhyuk honey, you’re doing amazing. There’s so much energy in this one, I love it.

‘Mirage’ is up next and gives me the emotional whiplash I was expecting. It’s an up-tempo ballad that I would love to hear an acoustic version of. 

‘Alone’ is the last song on the EP and starts off with an emotional verse with beautiful acoustic guitar. There’s harmonization that’s absolutely stunning. God, their vocals are amazing. I’m utterly in love with this track.

Go ahead and listen to ‘INSIDE’ by BTOB 4U on Spotify here.

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