Photo Credits: H1GHR MUSIC

pH-1 – ‘It’s About Damn Time Tour’

pH-1 packed it up and is going around the world on his first tour. We managed to get our hands on the tickets for the Frankfurt gig and went to what will be one unforgettable night.


Starting up at 8PM sharp (we love a punctual king) this gig opened up with one of our personal favourites ‘Malibu’ released in 2019 on his album ‘HALO’.

With such a hype song opening this concert, the energies kept rising, with the next single ‘PACK IT UP’. At this moment very moment of the show we knew this concert was going to be incredible, pH-1’s energy and live rapping is beyond insane. He owns the stage and we noticed it just two singles in.

Moving on he played ‘Zombies’, ‘Tipsy’ and ‘Yuppie thing’, the crowd in Frankfurt was rather chill and quiet at the beginning of the gig, however, Harry’s energy and constant interaction with the crowd started to hype them all up. After this set the crowd was already bouncing, shouting, and having the time of their life.

I’m a homebody

The second part of this gig started off with Harry having a little chat about the tour, the cities he’s been to, and so on. He however mention he missed home, and this was the perfect opportunity to play one of his classic ‘Homebody’.

‘Groupie’ followed up, and after this single the interaction with the fans kept going, two lucky fans got a autographed shirt, and other two Polaroids he took on the spot. After this wholesome interaction he played ‘MR BAD’ and ‘Cupid’; to then dedicate the singles ‘365&7’ and ‘JULIETTE’ for the singles in the audience.

We moved onto the soft, chill and slowed paced part of this gig with the singles ‘Break the glass’ and ‘Shrink Told Me’, after these two singles, we all sang Happy Birthday to another lucky fan, and moved on to the songs ‘DVD’, ‘Like Me’ and ‘Nerdy Love’.

We reached the wild and hyped section of the concert with the next set, including the songs ‘OKAY’, ‘MORAGO’, ‘Telefono’, ‘Olaf’, ‘Achoo’, ‘Orange’, ‘The Purge’, ‘Good Day’, and finally the fan favourite ‘Iffy’.

With this we reached the end of the concert, and pH-1 came back for one last song ‘Oscar’.

‘It’s About Damn Time Tour’ exceeded all our expectations, the energy, performance and constant engagement with the crowd was fantastic, and Harry kept us all hyped up, he is truly a pro-performer.

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