Hip-Hop and R&B DisKovery – March 2023

Our monthly Hip-Hop and R&B disKovery is back with artist, debuts and new finds that are definitely worth checking out. March didn’t have as many as we expect, but nevertheless, we found some gems with a unique sound and a lot of talent. Let’s dive in.

If you are looking for smooth R&B, with a sexy touch Hitten and his single album ‘Hitten Vol.2’ is what you’re looking for. For this release we liked his vocals and the fantastic production this indie release had. If you wanna know what we are talking about, listen to this release here.

To find out about his upcoming releases, check his Instagram.

Sion is not a new find for us, however, more people should know about his music. He came back this month with the EP ‘Live’, and we are in awe with the incredible music and artistry behind this album, if you still haven’t listened to it, check it here

Keep up with his music, and check his very cool aesthetics in his Instagram.

BEBE YANA is a brand new find for us, she dropped the single ‘64’ and loved her sound, confidence and unique vibe. She has been releasing music for a few year now, so make sure to check her music here

Drop her a follow in her Instagram to keep up with her updates. 

PYMEL is one of those indie artists we find almost every month which are criminally underrated, he dropped the album ‘Sixth Sense’, and this release is just brilliant, rich in instrumental and stunningly mixed, this album is a must listen and a non-skip, check it here

Follow him on Instagram for project updates, gigs and aesthetics .

Another new discovery in March was Woolenciah, his latest single ‘SUPERSTAR’ caught our attention with its old school hip-hop style, beat and his fantastic rapping flow. This song is a here.

His Instagram as this single is a vibe, drop him a follow for a very interesting contrast of pict.

With beautiful R&B and soft singing Suyo was the discovery we needed for a moment of peace, her latest mini-album ‘mountain’, is absolutely stunning, and her previous works deserve a lot more recognition, listen to this album here, and while you are at it, listen to the rest of her discography. 

Her Instagram feed is super pretty, drop her a follow for the aesthetics and cuteness.

That’s a wrap for this months’ discovery, and stay tuned for more music recommendations.

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