Photo Credits: Universal Music Ltd.

MV Rec: SAAY – Talk 2 Me Nice

This week’s MV Rec is all about jazzy R&B, peak aesthetics, and amazing music in SAAY’s music video for her single ‘Talk 2 Me Nice’.

For this music video SAAY decided to show her duality and brought to life two different alter egos with a lot of style, sensuality and impressive dancing skills. This production has a black and white colour scheme, perfect for the different contrast, filters, and lighting used. 

The full concept in monochromatic colours gives a rather mysterious style, this gets sexier as SAAY shows off her visuals in glamour shots, her incredible facial expressions as she sings the lyrics, and even when she is just looking at the camera.

If you want to be mesmerised by her incredible work and music, watch this music video below. 

Kathleen Herrera
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