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MV Rec: Mingginyu – Run away with me

We’re back with a new music video recommendation, this time we’re writing about ‘Run away with me’ by Mingginyu which we featured earlier in our Weekly K-Indie Report. 

This one shows a rather tragic side of history. The music video shows the practice of the ‘goryeo burial’. It “refers to the practice of carrying away the elderly when they reach a certain age and abandoning them in the mountains or plains “. (source)

In the music video we can see an older lady dancing in the middle of a forest. She doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on. Then a man, her adult son is wearing a wooden carrier he used to transport his mother from their house to the forest. 

He seems to be going through a lot of grief, already grieving a person who hasn’t died yet. However, strife with guilt he decides to bring her back. I’m not sure if he actually finds her at the end, or if he dies by falling down the hill and is reunited with her spirit. Feel free to leave your theories below. 

Check out the music video here.

You can find the song ‘Run away with me’ by Mingginyu on Spotify here.

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