Photo Credits: James An

MV Rec: James An – Sweet Truth

For this week’s MV Rec we want to share the visuals and amazing sound of an indie hip-hop artist who had a great 2022. His style is amazing and his sound is just immaculate, let’s talk about James An’s ‘Sweet Truth’.

With a smooth flow and beat, ‘Sweet Truth’ is all about the vibes. This track is an amazing listen and the vintage/old-school visuals of the music video, just make it even better.  

All the details in the sets and the camera effects made this MV a cool watch, and James An’s performance and facial expressions just make it even better. If you still don’t know him, check this music video below.

We had an exclusive interview with him a while ago, check it out here, to find out more about his latest works and career. 

Kathleen Herrera
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