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Mini Album Review: Weki Meki – HIDE and SEEK

The girls from Weki Meki are back with their third mini album ‘HIDE and SEEK’. Let’s dive right in!


The first track is their title track ‘OOPSY’.

‘OOPSY’ is a funky track with some interesting bass work. The girls all look fabulous in the MV and the chorus is catchy as hell. The descending line in the pre-chorus is lovely!

‘Moya Moya’ is next and it is a summer bop y’all. There are some amazing harmonies in the track and the vocals sounds amazing! Also that bridge is superb. It’s a track to make you feel happy. 

Next up is ‘The Paradise’. It slows things down a little bit. It almost starts off as a ballad, but does speed up a bit more with the instrumentals. Great vocals all around and I really enjoyed the samples they used in the chorus. It makes it kind of retro.

The fourth track is ‘Youniverse’. This is the ballad I was waiting for. Again, the vocals are brilliant but I have to mention the rap verses, they were fantastic and the rap-talking definitely elevated the song. 

The last song is the pre-released ‘DAZZLE DAZZLE’. It’s a straight up bop.

You can find the mini album ‘HIDE and SEEK’ by Weki Meki on Spotify here

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.