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[Review] Weki Meki – New Rules

Fantagio Entertainment girl group Weki Meki, just released their 4th mini album ‘New Rules’. Just after watching the music video for their title track we know this release is very promising, and it guarantees to show a new side of this girl group. Let’s dive in.


COOL’ is the title track of this release and with this song Weki Meki is exploring a new side of themselves as a group, we’re going darker and cooler. I loved the undertone house music playing with the synth, the harmonization of the members for the chorus surprised me a lot and the beat drop introducing the dance break was just on point. 

Watch the music video below. 

Sweet Dreams’ plays next and this track somehow feels just very suitable for halloween, there is a certain mystical feel to it with the arrangement of beat and the little details added to the track. I was shook with the lengthened notes towards the end of the song, it made it even more magical.

The pop-ballad ‘D-DAY’ is next with a chill tempo, kinda groovy flow and fantastic vocals. I am a fan of how the vocals were layered in this track. It felt very organic and soft like a lullaby. 

A piano orchestration starts the ballad ‘Just Us’, this song is vocals at its best. The rapping was fantastic and full of emotion and the falsettos added a very special vibe to the song.

Last on this release is ‘100 FACTS’ which is the English version of the title track. Overall, this Weki Meki comeback was full of fantastic surprises and really cool tunes.

You can listen to this release on Spotify here

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