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Label Deep Dive: Music Farm

We’re back with a new Label Deep Dive, this time about the record label Music Farm. 


Music Farm was founded in 2002 by Kang Tae-kyu for the indie rock group Cherry Filter. Originally the name of the label was Farm Entertainment. They changed it in 2005.

I really like the mission statement of Music Farm they wrote on their website.

“We started with the belief that the world can be made more beautiful through music. I don’t have the reckless confidence that music can change the world. However, I want to cultivate something in a barren land with the belief that music can heal even a little of sadness and increase joy. There should be no case where you have talent but don’t have money or networking to prevent you from realizing your dreams.”

“We want to water the small but fresh shoots with all our might. There is no intention of coercing or guiding you in a particular direction. We are waiting for our grateful colleagues who can just let the world know how wonderful music is.”


Apart from the group Cherry Filter, they also have soloists.

Lee Juck has been with the company since 2007.

The singer-songwriter Kim Dong Ryul is also signed with them.

John Park signed with Music Farm in 2011.

Kwak Jin Eon, the winner of ‘Superstar K6’ and total OST king, is also signed with them.

The last addition to Music Farm is the artist E:Rn. He was formerly known as Cokebath and debuted with his new stagename this year.

That’s it for this Label Deep Dive about Music Farm. You can find our previous deep dive here.

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