(Caution) HYELIN’s song can cause hangover!

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Have a drink with HYELIN?

HYELIN, well known as EXID’s member and a heavy drinker(!) is back with a song about drinking. The fans say she released this song to drink even more(…)

‘I miss you’ is a sad breakup ballad for winter, with beautiful strings. Drinking after breakup is quite cliché, but this matches HYELIN’s character shown on TV – bubbly and humorous while loving drinking. It’s fun to see her excited to promote the song. But before that, you must know that HYELIN is also a good singer. Her high notes are amazingly stable here!

Click here to listen!

HYELIN and Solji, the lead vocalists of EXID, singing ‘Up&Down’ in a high pitch!

HYELIN, now as the Cover Artist of Spotify ‘K-Idol Ballad Hits’

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?ROYA – Astronaut Boy– ROYA back as a Pop Punk princess!
?Youngjun – Say You Love Me (Feat. wYte)– Brown Eyed Soul Youngjun’s warm song for winter❄️
?JOPH – Left behind an inside story– The last story I’d tell if this is the end
?uyeon – Subway (Feat. Lang Lee)– It’s such an ordinary day with extraordinary thoughts in my mind!
Photo credits: Music&New

What was your “First song of 2024”? Here’s a perfect song for your new year’s song, SGO‘s new single – [Walk into Your Dark]. First, let’s enjoy the MV, which will be a great comfort to you.

SGO is a band that formed as a result of busking together on the beach in Santa Monica. Actor Ji Hyun-woo, who has already succeeded in the band ‘The Nuts’, is in charge of vocals and guitars, and his brother Yoon Chae is the keyboardist who was in legendary group N.EX.T. And the original member of The Nuts, Kim Hyun-joong, plays the bass, and the first Flamenco graduate from the Royal Academy of Music in Barcelona Sae takes guitar and percussion.

SGO is currently active from concerts to TV music shows. Their live performances are full of charms, from danceable tracks to calm ballads. Let’s also watch a live video of ‘Waiting for you,’ that will catch your eyes and ears.