Source: JYP/Third Culture Kids

Top 3 Songs of the Week

1 – Yerin Baek – Suddenly / Digging Club Seoul Ver.

Yerin Baek came back with a cover of the fusion jazz classic from 1989, “Suddenly” originally sung by Jang Pil Soon. And I just have to say this song is incredible. 

She did an amazing job covering this song this classic and I can’t wait to do a deep dive into her discography because her voice is stunning.

2 – CIFIKA – Now or Never feat. Crush, Woo

I still don’t get how this song has such a low viewing rate, its rhythm and vocals are the full package. The music video is so colorful and this collaboration is total fire.

Now or Never is a song about a one sided love, and a person reaching the limit of their patience and basically telling loved one off, saying it’s now or never.

3 – Cuco – Lo Que siento

This song is completely different from the other two, Lo Que Siento by Cuco is a song I found tagged in a post on instagram and it is absolute gold. I think I had never listened to a song in ‘Spanglish’. The beat and  lyrics are super chill and I really love how this young artist managed to mix both languages so beautifully. 

Go and check him out!

Kathleen Herrera
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