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[Review] TXT – The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION

TXT is back with their brand mini-album ‘The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION’, and we have been looking forward to this one. They have been dropping teasers for a while now, and we are expecting the angst and flawless vibe the keep feeding us with. Let’s start.

The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION

Devil by the Window‘ brings back TXT’s angsty sound, and some breathy vocals that took me by surprise. Completely sung in English, this single starts off this release with a flawless pop-rock sound and very impressive harmonisations and ad-libs. The concept they went for with this single is something else! The changes of beat, distortions, the vocal rich outro and abrupt ending were out of this world. This song is sexy and super cool. An amazing start without a doubt.

The title track ‘Sugar Rush Ride‘ comes along with a funky and brighter sound. The falsettos, and beat drops in this song are fantastic. However, the deep bass in the hook is the highlight of this track. It definitely makes the heart pound. For the music video the members show off some very heavy fairy aesthetics with a tropical touch. And as expected we got the very tight and clean choreo and stunning beauty shots. Watch it below.

Featuring Coi Leray, ‘Happy Fools‘ starts with Bossa Nova tunes and a fun arrangement. This single is a total vibe, the combination of Coi and the TXT’s rapping style is super cool, definitely a rather unexpected but amazing collab.

On a very surprising turn, TXT embraces afro-beats in ‘Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock)‘.This single is peak perfection, the way the members deliver the lyrics following the flow of the beats is AMAZING. This song is all about groove, and just get ready to jam to it.

Acoustic guitar kicks off ‘Farewell, Neverland‘, with a heavy pop-rock feel, this song shows TXT’s vocals, I loved the delicate voice tone this song had, and how immerses listeners into the its melody.

Tomorrow X Together (TXT) once again delivered an outstanding mini-album with ‘The Name Chapter : TEMPTATION’. The members are getting more and more involved in the composition and production process and as this happens their music and sound just keep getting stronger than ever.

Make sure to listen to this release here.

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