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[Review] SHINee – Atlantis (7th album repackage)

SHINee is back with the repackage of their 7th album. They dropped ‘Don’t Call Me‘ a couple of week ago, and today they released ‘Atlantis‘. This repackage album includes the new tracks ‘Atlantis‘, ‘Area‘ and ‘Days and Years‘.

Let’s check these new songs!


The title track ‘Atlantis‘ begins this release, the first thing I noticed in this song was how vocal it is. Taemin, Key and ONEW, went off in this song, and Minho’s rapping was super cool. The percussion in the track mixed with the bass and EDM is interesting, and the harmonizations are flawless.

I really liked the styling and concept in the music video, it was adorable but cool at the same time, and the members looked really cool in the outfits. Watch it below.

Area‘ is the next new track in this release and I am in love with the R&B feeling of this song. ONEW’s falsetto for the chorus is something else, I really loved the members’ lyrical delivery. It made this track feel emotional. What makes it even better is that Minho participated in the writing of the lyrics.

The last new single is ‘Days and Years‘, this track is all about impressive harmonization and vocals. I loved how the singing takes over this song and the instrumentation is there to compliment them. Just beautiful from start to end.

The rest of the tracks are included in their previous release, head over to our review to check our thoughts about them.

You can listen to ‘Atlantis‘ The 7th Album Repackage on Spotify here.

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