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[Review] SHINee – Don’t Call Me

SHINee is back!! Fans around the globe and maybe beyond were looking forward to this comeback. It has been two years plus since their last release as a group and today they are finally back with their 7th album ‘Don’t Call Me‘.

Shawols! Let’s get ready for this ride and dive into the music.

Don’t Call Me

The title track ‘Don’t Call Me‘ starts off this release and as expected goes off from the very beginning. Synth, bass and strong vocals take over the song, and suddenly change to a jazzy piano in the bridge, this change had me absolutely astonished.

This song went for the surprise factor with a heavy and strong arrangement, Taemin’s and ONEW’s high note was flawless. The music video is theatrical, they absolutely killed it with their facial expressions and performance. The choreography is super cool as expected. My favourite part is Key’s framed scene in the red outfit, just stunning. Check it below.

Funky vibes take over in ‘Heart Attack‘, this song sent me to a summer holiday with its rhythm and freshness. I loved the funkiness in it and ONEW’s part in the chorus was just exquisite, a blessing to listeners.

The pre-released song ‘Marry You‘ plays next with its R&B tempo and stunning vocalization.Tthe chorus in this song gives the the goosebumps, is just too perfect. On top of this, Key’s falsetto is flawless and goes straight to the heart. Check the performance below.

‘CODE‘ starts off with Minho’s and Key’s rapping, with EDM influence this song is like an adrenaline rush, it has an adventurous feelingto it that I found kinda cool. Next in the list is ‘I Really want You‘, I loved the music arrangement in this song, the trumpets are super funky and fun. This track had me jamming to it from start to end.

Bass starts off ‘Kiss Kiss‘ and drives this tune from start to end along with a very groovy electric guitar. The ‘ooooo’s‘ and ‘aaaaa’s‘ were peak of perfection, loved the smoothness of this track, it is so effortlessly good.

With a very much reggae rhythm ‘Body Rhythm‘ is next, and I can feel the heat of the summer with this song. This type of tempo and music style is new to SHINee’s discography and it is just SO FRESH. I loved it!

Chill vibes are present in ‘Attention‘, and I loved the rhythmic whistling in this song. Its R&B inspired tempo makes this pop song a very chill and extra smooth listen.

Kind‘ is last in this album, and this ballad is nothing but vocal power and a lot of feelings. The perfect ending for a fantastic album.

Final thoughts

SHINee once again went off and did a splendid job in this album, with diverse music that showed the different colours and styles of this legendary group they can pull off effortlessly.

Make sure to listen to this release here. SHINee is back!!!

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