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[Review] Red Velvet – Chill Kill

The girls from Red Velvet are finally back with their new full-length album ‘Chill Kill’. We’ve been really anticipating this album so let’s take a closer look!

Chill Kill

Our best murdering babes are back! ‘Chill Kill‘ is the title track of this album and opens this release. The term ‘chill kill’ is new and stands for an event or being that breaks the silence, according to the album description. I like this track a lot. It has the charm of Red Velvet and plays with tension in the instrumentation a lot.

‘Knock Knock! Who’s there?’ is up next. It has a cool instrumentation with strings and they really created a mysterious ambience. The chorus is catchy and it’s great to hear them harmonize.

After that is ‘Underwater’. We’re going Velvet for this R&B track. The bass is excellent and this is literally such a dope track. The vocals are top tier and the progression is so lovely. The bridge is everything!!

‘Will I ever see you again?’ follows along with a synth pop sound. This is so cool! I’m loving synth pop Red Velvet and the addition of the guitar riff makes for a very cool listen. Wendy with her adlibs really brings another layer of perfection.

Next up is ‘Nightmare’. We’re going for a mid-tempo R&B track with a heavy string orchestration. It’s super cool. There’s a scary tension in the verses with a softer moment in the chorus. The dissonance of the vocals in certain parts is really nice!

Iced Coffee’ is a soulful R&B ballad. They’re sticking with the heavy strings in the instrumentation but they’re adding an acoustic guitar this time. It’s a cool combo and the girls’ vocals are heavenly. I would love to hear an acoustic, stripped-down version of this.

Next up

We follow that up with ‘One Kiss’. We’re going for Dance in this one with a sick beat and a very fast paced. All I’m thinking is that we should go clubbing. I cannot wait to see what the choreography is for this track. This is so much fun! I’m going to obsess over this bridge.

‘Bulldozer’ brings us harmonies from heaven and this track definitely leaves an impression. We’re bulldozing all the boundaries with this one. The lower pitched vocals are so sick and the beat is even cooler.

Wings’ starts off with harmonization that had me die and be reborn. It’s a little bit like the theme of the track. We’re reborn like a butterfly and we only come back stronger. This is such a lovely, mellow R&B track with a bit of a 90s vibe. The little additions of the jazz synths are lovely.

We close this album with the ballad ‘Scenery’. This is absolutely lovely and shows us the best of Red Velvet’s vocals.

Red Velvet always delivers with their bridges, and ‘Chill Kill’ was no exception. I’m going to relisten the hell out of this album. The quality is insane!

You can listen to it here on Spotify.

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