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[Review] Exit

We’re back with a new film review and this time we watched the 2019 Korean film ‘Exit’. This movie has been on our to watch list for ages, but we finally got around to watch it.

‘Exit’ was written and directed by Lee Sang-Geun. This was his first major film.


In the story we follow our main character Yong-Nam (Cho Jung-Seok) who is down on his luck. He can’t find a job, still lives with his parents and no one takes him seriously. During the party of his mother’s 70th birthday he sees his old crush Ui-Joo (Lim Yoon-A).

He had confessed his feelings to her a couple of years ago, but she rejected him, saying that she liked their friendship more than any potential relationship. They met at the same climbing club. Yong-Nam was a bit embarassed and started avoiding her a little.

Just when the party is about to wind down, there’s a terrorist attack. A scientist releases a toxic gas in the air and everyone does their best to escape it. The party group goes to the top of the hotel building to hope for rescue.

Most of them do get rescued, but Yong-Nam and Ui-Joo can’t join the helicopter due to its weight limit. Soon, the two of them have to find higher ground. Their climbing skills come in very handy.


This was a very thrilling watch. The way they filmed the climbing scenes and the journey over the skyscrapers was really cool to watch!

I think the story itself could use some tweaks, mostly in the character motivation of Ui-Joo, since we hardly known anything about her. But generally, it was a fun watch!

Watch the trailer below.