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[Review] NOMAD – NOMAD

NOMAD (Need Our Microphone And Dances) is the latest boy group debut. This 5-member group under Nomad Entertainment consists of DOY, Sangha, ONE, RIVR, and Junho, their debut mini-album under the same name is the product of their own inspiration, with seven self-produced singles that serve as an opener for their career.

Let’s dive in!


The title track ‘No Pressure‘ opens this release with a bouncy rhythm and a cool mix between between vocals and rapping. This single goes more onto the hip-hop driven style with an interesting addition of instrumentals and a trendy vibe.

Opening with acoustic guitar, the single ‘California love‘ brings a more commercial sound, the composition and mixing in this single is fantastic, and ticks all the boxes to become a radio hit. Definitely a fun and very easy listen.

Oasis‘ follows up to show a more passionate sound of this group, the vocal line totally delivers in this single, showing off the feels with a strong lyrical delivery packed in emotions.

Next up is ‘Automatic‘, co-composed by Cha Cha Malone, this song moves this release along with dreamy synth and vibey retro beats, it definitely adds and interesting contrast to this release. ‘Let me love you‘ follows, adding smooth R&B to the musical mix in this mini-album, and showing a more subtly sexy side of this group.

Hype-music takes the stage in ‘Lights on‘, this single is power turned music, the back-vocal and layering is fantastic, and had us totally jamming to it from start to end.

Closing this debut mini is ‘Eye 2 eye‘ with cool EDM beats and a smooth and steady pace that make it the perfect ending song. We totally loved the style they went for this song, it is trendy and cool, the perfect ending for this debut release.

NOMAD surprised us with a very interesting debut, packed with diverse genres and a lot of talent. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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