Photo credits: Ryu Isu

[Indie Pick] Ryu Isu

For this week’s Indie Pick we’re going mellow and soft with indie singer Ryu Isu. Let’s take a closer look!

Ryu Isu

She debuted in 2022 with the single ‘Fear‘. This is a beautiful ballad with soft piano for the instrumentals. I like the little vocal slides she does sometimes as it creates a slightly jazzier undertone.

A couple of months later Ryu Isu came back with the single ‘Umbrella‘. Listen to this stunning live video.

‘Illusion’ was also released that year.

Her single ‘Alone’ came out in 2023. This time she’s accompanied by a lovely acoustic guitar.

Her most recent comeback was with the single ‘Winter‘. It is also the single that inspired me to write about her because from the opening chords I was struck by how beautiful she sounds.

Ryu Isu writes, composes and arranges her own work and I think she’s doing a marvellous job.

Go ahead and check out her music on Spotify here.

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