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[Review] Kang Daniel – YELLOW

Kang Daniel is back with the third part of the Color series ‘YELLOW‘. He definitely has been working hard as he’s releasing bop after bop. Let’s dive into the music of this release.


The single ‘Digital‘ kicks off this release with an old school retro synth pop track. This song is very unique in Kang Daniel’s discography, he is experimenting with new sounds and it is quite fun to listen to.

PARANOIA‘ follows, this song was pre-released a few weeks ago. Check our review here.

Featuring rapper Omega Sapien, ‘Misunderstood‘ plays next. This alternative/synth pop song is a super interesting listen, it’s a lot darker than other Kang Daniel releases and shows off a different side of his vocals. I’m in for this dark/mysterious vibe.

With a lo-fi/synth mixed track the title track ‘Antidote‘ comes next, the mix in the instrumentation and layering of this song is very different but awesome. There is a mix of guittar riff, bass, synth and lo-fi, that might seem odd but he makes it work with great vocals, harmonization and even rapping.

The music video is as expected packed with impressive shots and a fantastic choreography. Watch it below.

Last on the release is the single ‘Save U‘ featuring Wonstein, this song brings comfort to listeners with Kang Daniels’ sweet singing. It feels encouraging and positive. The backing vocals made the chorus of this song even more impactful. This track is the perfect closure for this release.

Kang Daniel participated in the writing of the lyrics for all the tracks in ‘YELLOW‘, make sure to check out this release here.

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