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[Review] JAY – BLUE MOON

iKON’s JAY is debuting solo with his first mini-album ‘BLUE MOON’. For this release he has prepared five new singles, and we are expecting nothing him killing it with his incredible vocal power.

We are excited about what iKON’s ‘Hyung’ has prepared for iKONICS. Let’s get right into it!


Starting with the title track with the same name, JAY begins this release strong with smooth and sexy R&B, and mesmerising vocals, ‘BLUE MOON‘ shows a side of JAY we knew existed but he never was able to show at its fullest. This song is totally breathtaking, and just gets better with its stunning music video, slow dancing, and aesthetically pleasing filmography.

This production is just stunning from start to end. Check it below.

Staring off with groovy tunes ‘PARADISE‘ takes over with an up-beat and catchy tempo. The vocals in this single are sharp, playful and full of personality, and it increasingly get better with the whistling and the instrumental build up. What a listen.

Featuring Moon Sujin, ‘MAGNET‘ comes along with a pop-ballad tempo and a charming composition. The falsettos in this single are fantastic and the vibes peak with the trumpets addition. Sujin totally elevates the feel of this already incredible song, and it only gets better with his little melodic rapping at the end.

On a drastic vibe change we get ‘GOOD GIRLS‘ and its synth driven tempo. the sectioning in this single is amazing, and JAY’s rapping is very surprising and vibey. This song is the total package of smooth singing, cool rap and unmatched vibes,

Closing this release is ‘WAIT FOR YOUR‘, finishing off this solo debut mini-album on a instrumental note, in a ballad with a beautiful composition that hits the feels. This single wraps up this lovely solo debut release on the best note, with peak vocals and a lot of emotions.

JAY’s first mini-album is a beautiful production, this release is a total non-skip, make sure to listen to it here.

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