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[Review] Jay B – Be Yourself

GOT7’s Jay B just dropped his new EP ‘Be Yourself‘. A few months ago he changed agencies and is now under CDNZA Records. This is his first EP under this agency, and we are definitely excited to listen to what he has prepared for us.

Let’s dive in!

Be Yourself

Kicking off this release is the title track ‘go UP‘ and fans are set for a funky surprise. For this single Jay B absolutely went wild and created an amazing hip-hop track with a lot of soul and funkiness. This single is fun, catchy, and packed with amazing vibes. The music video as the song is full of positive energy, amazing dancing, and a very organic and chill style that makes it super enjoyable to watch. Every single person in the music looks like they are having a blast, and it is just amazing. Watch it below.

Featuring Sik-K,’Break It Down‘ plays next, this single comes along with awesome bass and a cool arrangement. The energy in this single is peak perfection and the contrast of tones and delivery styles makes it a super dope listen. The combo of Sik-K’s vibe mixed with Jay B’s vocals is something I would love to hear more often.

Livin’‘ tags along with a soft pop style and an arrangement with an amazing feel good mood. This song is an easy and wholesome listen. It is definitely a track that’ll lighten up a gloomy day and put a smile on your face.

Moving on and keeping up the awesome vibes we get ‘The Way We Are‘. The keyboard and composition in this song are fantastic and Jay B’s vocals are beyond smooth. ‘Fountain of Youth‘ comes up next with a sweet and heart warming style. The backing vocals and ad-libs in this single are flawless, and its composition will have you jamming to it.

Closing this mini-album with an amazing instrumentation we get ‘Holyday‘. This single ends this release with the same positive energy and amazing singing. The lyrics of this track are wholesome and heartwarming, the perfect end for an amazing release.

Be Yourself‘ by Jay B is a mini-album full of uplifting feels and amazing music. This EP is solid and the music fantastic, listen to this release here.

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