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[Review] ICHILLIN’ – I’M ON IT

ICHILLIN’ is back with new music. This time they released a new mini-album, with a lot of adorable preview, a sporty concept and cute visuals. Let’s get right into it and check what the have prepared.


The title track ‘KICK START’ kicks off this release with a fun pop tempo and a touch of electric guitar that adds that touch of teen angst. This single is a super fun listen, and the members do a great job with their harmonies, vocals, and even a little rapping section.

For the music video, they go school-sporty, with fun visuals and set, and cool dance sequences. The full music video fully captures the vibe and feel of this single. Check it below.

‘MEME’ follows up with a hyper-pop/hip-hop arrangement perfect to hit the gym and get that heart rush. This single is high in energy with cool rapping, the background vocals are a very fun addition, and the layering is very interesting.

Rapping and very pretty vocals start off ‘Draw‘, and this single feels like a chant that will keep listeners motivated. The overall vibe of this song is fresh and cheerful, just CUTE. We change the vibes with ‘Alarm‘ and its brass and interesting melody. The whistling throughout this song adds a thrilling element, and it just gets cooler with each beat drop.

This mini-album reaches its end with ‘SIREN‘, this song closes off this release on a rather unusual way with heavy techno and EDM, wrapped in killer singing and rapping. Definitely an interesting closing track that has all the characteristics of a title song.

ICHILLIN’ keeps expanding their sound and their music just gets more and more interesting in every comeback. Listen to this release here.

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