[Review] MIRAE – Boys will be Boys

The boy group MIRAE is back with new music in their fifth mini-album ‘Boys will be Boys‘. This release marks the end of their first ‘boys’ era, which focused in the youthful beauty.

Since their debut in 2021, they have without a doubt gained a lot more popularity through their music, their release a fun, and unexpected at times, and we are looking forward to check what they have prepare for this EP.

Let’s listen to the music.

Boys will be Boys

Going straight into summery EDM beats and fantastic back vocals and ad-libs, ‘GIRL‘ starts this release ready to catch the listeners attention with smooth vocalisation and flawless harmonies. This song definitely leave quite the strong impression with its amazing synth and cool layering.

The title track ‘JUMP‘ takes over with a mix of pop, new jack swing, and even a touch rock. This single is a super fun listen that will have listeners jamming to it, and it only gets better with the rap-line taking over and the chanting. For the music video the members go full into high-school and radiate that youthful and free spirit, mixed with fantastic dancing and cool visuals. Check it below.

We get a touch of retro pop with ‘So Different‘ and its very sweet melodies. This single feel like the perfect OST for a romantic date sequence in a K-Drama, it is charming, fun and has that innocent but romantic feel. Just adorable.

NOW AND FOREVER‘ takes over to show off MIRAE’s vocal power in an EDM arrangement that includes piano instrumentals and even synth. This single feel like a soft version of a summer release, and it even includes some surprising beat changes that makes it even more interesting to listen to.

With ‘Learn To Fly‘ we go groovy, fun and reach peak energies, with its very positive and upbeat arrangement, perfect to dance to. Hip-hop and bass finishes off this mini-album in ‘Drop The Bass‘, and the rap-line totally shines in this single, their chanting, flow and rap delivery and fantastic, and end this EP on a very high-note, full of energy and catchy beats.

As usual, MIRAE did not disappoint, this release is a cool listen from start to end, each song has something special to offer, and keep the energy going. Listen to this release here.

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