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[Review] Ailee – LOVIN’

QUEEN Ailee in back with a brand new EP, it’s been a bit over six months since her last release, this pre-release album goes by the name ‘LOVIN’‘ and includes six new tracks. Let’s start diving into the music.


We start off with a guitar riff and Ailee’s vocal power in ‘Tattoo‘, this track goes back and forth between acoustic and electronic musical arrangements. It feels kinda summer-ish and has a really chill vibe to it.

Next is the first title track, ‘Make Up Your Mind‘, the deep bass and synth in the track are super awesome and go smoothly with her singing. I loved the composition of this track and how the synth and vocals complimented each other.

The music video has some very romantic and adorable shots. Ailee looks stunning in all of them. Watch it below.

We get groovy with ‘525‘, this smooth R&B track is a show of how incredible Ailee’s vocal range is, we get to listen to her well-known flawless singing, but also some very low pitched rapping. Just incredible.

The release continues with soft R&B in ‘Lose myself to you‘, featuring a very much emotional vibe and impressive ad-libs. ‘Ain’t talkin’ about me‘ follows with a more groovy arrangement that will have more than one vibing to it.

Closing this pre-release album is ‘Spring Flowers‘ and it is also the second title track. This song closes the EP ‘LOVIN” by Ailee on a very soft note with lovely acoustic arrangement and beautiful melodies.

You can listen to this release here.

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