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R&B singer 88KEYS releases ‘NEON SIGN’

R&B Singer 88KEYS is back with the single album ‘NEON SIGN‘ with a double title track as a preview for his upcoming EP. This is his first comeback since his EP ‘in the morning‘ released in 2017.

NEON SIGN‘ kicks off this release with an iconic and very smooth tempo, topped up by a fantastic arrangement, instrumentals and incredible vocals. A new gem for anyone’s R&B playlist.

The second track goes by the english name ‘I Can’t‘, the literal translation of its name in Korean would be “Things Left Behind”, and by the melancholic tone, emotional delivery and absolutely incredible instrumentation, I feel that the literal translation fits the feel of this track better.

A must listen in this singer’s discography.

88KEYS is a new find that I would keep on my playlist, his talent is incredible and we are looking forward to listen to more of his music.

Check his previous releases in Spotify here.

Kathleen Herrera
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