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[Review] Red Velvet – Cosmic

The girls from Red Velvet is back with her new mini-album ‘Cosmic’. We’re super stoked to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Red Velvet, so let’s dive in!


We start off with the title track ‘Cosmic‘. This pop dance track has a killer bass. The groove is undeniable and I’m obsessed with the vocal stacking. The chorus has some cool synth strings in the backing track.

The video delivers visual after visual. I love the throwbacks and the ‘Midsommar’ vibe.

After that comes ‘Sunflower’. This is another pop dance track that leans a bit towards the EDM side with the sick bassline. I loved the build-up towards the chorus. I really enjoyed the heavy synths in the chorus.

‘Last Drop’ brings back the velvet side of Red Velvet. I love this line from the album description: “I was able to shine because you were always protecting me like the universe, and like a white dwarf that emits light until the last moment, I will do my best to shine on you until the end. ”

‘Love Arcade’ is another pop dance track that has a lot of cute sounds added in the backing track that resemble the arcade games. It’s a cute track that will have you bouncing from no time. This is a super solid track that is a very smooth listen.

After that comes ‘Bubble’ which was co-written and co-composed by Sumin. We’re going for synth pop in this one and it’s such a vibe. I’m digging the fast pace and the boundless energy.

The closing track is ‘Night Drive’ and this is one smooth ride. We’re going for pop R&B and this is the best of both worlds of Red Velvet. The vocals are sublime and it’s a wonderful closing track.

Go ahead and listen to ‘Cosmic’ by Red Velvet here.

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