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Rapper In The Spotlight: NSW Yoon

In this edition of Rapper in the Spotlight, we’re turning our attention to a young talent who, despite debuting just a few years ago, has already built a robust discography. Let’s explore the journey of NSW yoon.

Lee Seung-yoon (aka. NSW yoon) made his independent debut in 2021 with the single album ‘PERIOD,’ which featured two compelling singles. Shortly after, he dropped the single ‘EIEIO,’ marking the beginning of a promising career.

From the outset, NSW yoon has embraced a distinctive Drill Hip-Hop style characterized by sharp beat arrangements, rapid rhythms, and direct, raw lyrics.

Show Me The Money 11

In 2022, NSW yoon kicked off the year with the release of his first EP, ‘BALLON D’OR,’ swiftly followed by the single ‘For The Culture’ featuring Owen and the album ‘Beauty Of The Pain.’

During the same year, he showcased his skills on the eleventh season of the popular competition show ‘Show Me The Money.’ Remarkably, at only 19 years old, NSW yoon reached the semifinals, leaving a lasting impression.

Amidst the whirlwind of ‘Show Me The Money 11,’ NSW yoon managed to release several singles, including ‘Love My Life’ featuring BIG Naughty and Xwally, ‘Flip Flap’ featuring AJ Tracey and Hangzoo, and his second album ‘Beauty Of The Pain 2.’

Latest releases 

NSW yoon kicked off 2023 with the EP ‘In My Mood,’ featuring collaborations with Gist and Marv. Later in the year, he released his first collaborative EP with Leellamarz.

His most recent offerings include the third album ‘GRATEFUL’ and the single ‘Having My Way.’

Dive into the entirety of NSW yoon’s discography here, and stay tuned for updates by following him on Instagram