DKB Moves The Crowd with ‘Hipness’

Photo credits: Music&New
DKB, ready to Move The Crowd with ‘Hipness’ 

DKB, the 4th generation K-Pop boy group dropped their 7th mini album [HIP]. The new album shows the members’ will to grow up, getting less self-conscious, less caring of other’s judgment. 

The title song ‘What The Hell’ shows DKB’s signature ‘full-power performance’ and an energetic dance break. 5 tracks include a trendy jersey club genre song ‘Me, Me & You’ and a fan song ‘Fireworks’ for the BBs.

DKB is also well know as the ‘brother group’ of Brave Girls, since they signed to the same agency ‘Brave Entertainment’. The fun fact is that the boy fans of Brave Girls call DKB a ‘brother-in-law’ group(처남돌). Check the ‘brothers-in-law’ covering Brave Girls’ ‘Pool Party’!

‘Did you eat? (Bab?)’

Don’t be surprised if Koreans ask “Did you have your meal?” as soon as they see you. This is a common greeting like “How are you?” in Korea.

Here, too, there is a typical Korean idol member who takes care of his fans’ meals. Look at that expression on HARRY-JUNE‘s face to a fan that hasn’t eat before the fan signing event. Don’t skip your meals fans, or he’ll worry about you. 

Photo credits: Music&New

Park Chanyoung – Blossoming Love
– About the blossoming and withering love

WESTOF – If i die
– “Don’t forget us, even if I die”

Ahn Heesu – Foolish Heart
– Can’t believe it’s Ahn Heesu’s music! 

Jaejooboys – Night picnic
– Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Jaejooboys!

Photo credits: Music&New

Who remembers YG Entertainment’s legendary solo artist SE7EN? His debut song on 2003 was ‘Come Back to Me, and he made a syndrome by performing on Heelys. All the kids in Korea begged their parents to buy those shoes.

Then 20 years have passed, and the R&B singer-songwriter Grizzly, who has hit ‘Beige coat’ on 2022, gave a new birth to the 20-year-old song! Grizzly’s gentle voice and the acoustic guitar makes it softer. The notoriously high note of the ‘baby, baby, baby’ part won’t disappoint you at all!

Check Grizzly’s live performance of ‘Come Back To Me’ and the special clip of him riding(or wearing) Heelys.

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