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Rapper In The Spotlight: Leellamarz

Let’s dive into smooth music for this week’s Rapper In The Spotlight. We are featuring one of my personal favourites, his discography is a total non-skip, and his style one of a kind. Today we are talking about Leellamarz. 

Kim Min-Kyum (aka. Leellamarz) debuted in 2017 with the album ‘Y’. He is part of the crew Wayside Town including other artists like TOIL, Skinny Brown, Yourbeagle and many more. Before his official debut he participated in the season 5 of the survival show ‘Show Me The Money’ in 2016. 

Leellamarz is a professional violinist, his career he leaned more towards Hip-Hop, however, over the last years he also included a R&B sound to his discography.

He had a busy 2018 with the release of ten singles, five EPs and one album. A lot of these releases included features by big names in the Hip-Hop and R&B industry including The Quiett, pH–1, CHANGMO, ASH ISLAND, Crucial Star, SUPERBEE and many more.

His second album ‘VIOLINIST’ released during this year is one of my favourites. Mixing his rapping, singing, and skills as a musician he crafted a wonderful release with an incredible sound.

Ambition Musik

Leellamarz 2019 started with the release of the EP ‘MARZ 2 MOON’, later in this year he joined  Ambition Musik. His first release under this company was his third full-length album ‘MARZ 2 AMBITION’. 

During this year he also released eight single albums and four EPs, including a few collaborative releases with producers and other artists. 

His first release in 2020 was the single ‘Human Addict’ featuring the producer TOIL and the singer youra. 

A lot of his releases this year were collaborative projects with TOIL, Panda Gomm and GooseBumps. Accumulating a total of ten releases including singles and EPs.

Latest releases

In 2021 he released his fourth length album ‘[L]’ and its deluxe version. This same year he released the masterpiece of an EP ‘Black and White Film’, which was followed by his fifth album ‘Violinist2’.

So far this year he has released the collaborative album ‘TOYSTORY3’ with TOIL, and the single ‘Freedom’ and ‘City Lights’.

For the entire list of his releases make sure to check his MELON page. To discover more of his music make sure to listen to his Soundcloud, and follow him on Instagram for updates on his latest releases and cool pics. 

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