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Rapper In The Spotlight: Gist

For this week’s Rapper In The Spotlight, we are talking about the career of a young talent who just debuted in 2019 but has already had quite a few releases. Let’s dive into GI$T’s career. 

Underground High School Rapper

Yoon Hyun-sun (aka. Gist (GI$T)) debuted independently in early 2019 with the EP ‘CHILD’ at the age of nineteen. The lead single for this release ‘don’t have to know’ didn’t only show his talent as a rapper but also as a vocalist. The blend of beats and R&B in this song is smooth and super trendy. Check it below. 

Before his independent debut, he participated in the third season of ‘High School Rapper’. He had as mentor none other than The Quiett. He advanced till the second team competition where he was eliminated. Check a few of his performances below .

Later on in the same year he released the single ‘Monologue’ featuring ASH ISLAND, and joined other rappers for the single projects ‘Dash!’, ‘Blue Skin’ and ‘Black & Gray’.

First Album

In late 2019, Gist released his first album ‘EMOTION’, including features from The Quiett, VINXEN, among others. This release was packed with incredible music and TOP production. Once again he showed his vocal ability with flawless melodic rapping. Check the title track below.

He started 2020 with the single ‘Fool’ featuring Leellamarz, which was followed by the tracks ‘Actor’, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ and ‘JIGAP’.

His second album ‘He’ was released the same year, including features by Skinny Brown, Hoon, PLHN and Lee Ye-rin. Listen to the title track below. 

He followed up this release with the collaborative track ‘Try’ with The Quiett, the single ‘SIMULATION’ and the EPs ‘Already’ and ‘Promise’. With all these releases Gist mixed and blended different sounds and styles. His discography is full of gems that go back and forth between lo-fi, R&B and Hip-Hop, check a few of the tracks included in these releases below. 

Daytona Entertainment 

In early 2021, he released the single ‘Would You Still Love Me’ featuring MELOH. 

His next release was the track ‘UNHAPPY’ featuring Skinny Brown. 

At the beginning of 2022, he officially signed under Daytona Entertainment and released his third album ‘Beginning’. This album besides including amazing features also had an incredible sound and flawless production. R&B and Hip-Hop at its best mixes in this release and it is a musical experience.

His latest release was the single ‘Lens’ featuring label mate jerd. Listen to this release below. 

Without a doubt Gist has built a solid discography full of musical gems, if you want to listen to more by him check his covers on Soundcloud. You can follow him on Instagram here

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