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Rapper In The Spotlight: Mirani

The lovely Mirani is this week’s rapper in the spotlight! Get ready to dive into the beginnings of her powerful rapping and unique charisma. 

Kim Yoon-Jin (aka. Mirani) debuted independently in April 2020 with the single ‘The detective’ featuring Make a movie.

This same year she also released the single ‘ELEVEN’ featuring 372 and ‘Tic Tac!’, before joining the survival show ‘Show Me The Money’ (SMTM) in its ninth season. 

Show Me The Money 9

Making her first appearance in episode three, the start of Mirani’s journey in the survival show wasn’t the easiest, after almost being completely disqualified, she was selected from the group of dismissed participants and made it on the last minute to one of the teams.

After a rough start, Mirani kept advancing into the different rounds in SMTM, and left some very impressive stages, and hit songs including ‘VVS’ featuring JUSTHIS and ‘Achoo’ featuring pH-1 and HAON. 

Mirani successfully made it to the semi-finals, and was dropped from the show in the eighth episode. Her last stage was with the single ‘Part Time’ featuring Queen Wasabi. 

Rise to mainstream

Her participation in SMTM became a big stepping stone in her career, and her popularity greatly increased. Mirani’s next release was in 2021, with the single album ‘Daisy’, including features by pH-1 and JUSTHIS, under the label AT AREA.

The collaborative single ‘HEAT’ with lIlBOI and Wonstein, was her next project, followed by the pre-release single ‘Lambo!’ featuring UNEDUCATED KID, ahead of her first EP ‘UPTOWN GIRL’ including features by Jay B, lIlBOI, ASH ISLAND, and more. 

With her career blooming, in 2022, Mirani did not stop, this year she came back with several singles, including the special tracks ‘Pick up your phone’ and ‘Gasoline’, ‘Freaky’, and ‘Rollin’’ featuring GEMINI. 

First Album

Mirani’s 2023 started with the release of the single ‘Asphalt’ featuring pH-1, ahead of her first album ‘The Drift’. 

For her first album, Mirani included tracks featuring well-known names in the industry, including BIG Naughty, Leellamarz, SUMIN and many more. Check below a couple of our favourite singles.

Mirani has for sure an even brighter career ahead, she has proved herself to be a fantastic artist with many sides, but a unique vibe. Listen to her releases here, and drop her a follow on Instagram for updates. 

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