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[Review] (G)I-DLE – I FEEL

The girls from (G)I-DLE are back to take over the Top 10 with their latest mini-album ‘I FEEL’. This comes after their massive global hit ‘Nxde‘ which was super dope. So with this comeback the expectations are sky high, but I have no doubt they will deliver.


We start off with the title track ‘Queencard’. We’re going for radical self-love in this single and we love to see it. The track is catchy, powerful and a total earworm. The bass is really sick and I love all of their vocals. I feel like this is a bit of a different structure then we’ve heard from (G)I-DLE so far and it’s super cool.

‘Allergy’ was pre-released last week. This one is going for more of a rock vibe with the heavy usage of guitars. It’s super vibey and I genuinely enjoyed this. The pre-chorus is lovely and there’s such a great build-up to the chorus.

After that we get ‘LUCID’. We’re going hard on the bass riff and I’m going to be super obsessed with this track. The organ in the backing track is insane. This is such a VIBE! The dreamy soundscape is such a perfect track to just go dance.

‘All Night’ comes up next. It starts with a beautiful piano riff that completely switches up to a groovy bass. I love the flow of this and the absolutely sickening guitars. Honestly just vibe to this because it’s funky!

‘Paradise’ is a synthy pop track that will leave you feeling comforted. Minnie co-composed this track. I’m glad that Soyeon has a full rap verse in this one. This is a lovely track.

The closing track is ‘Peter Pan’. We’re sticking with a groovy bass. I like the touch of childishness in the delivery of certain lyrics because in this track the girls are confused about how they have to behave as adults and leave their childhood behind. It’s sweet, wholesome and adorable. The ending is just the absolute cutest.

Overall (G)I-DLE did a great job with ‘I FEEL’. I loved the full listening experience and the messages behind the lyrics.

Go check it out here on Spotify.

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