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Rapper In The Spotlight: Fleeky Bang

In this week’s edition of Rapper in the Spotlight, we’re delving into the distinct career of a young talent with an unparalleled style—let’s shine the spotlight on Fleeky Bang.

Lee Jae-hak (aka. Fleeky Bang) made his debut under Yellin Records in 2022, marking the beginning of a promising journey. Before his official debut, he made his mark on the eighth season of the renowned competition show Show Me The Money (SMTM), although he didn’t advance beyond the first round.

His debut single, ‘My Ninjas,’ released in April 2022, garnered significant attention in the hip-hop community for its mesmerizing beats, unique rap style, and a trippy music video that left a lasting impression.

Undeterred by the initial setback, Fleeky Bang made a triumphant return to SMTM for its eleventh season, showcasing his musical growth. This time, he not only made it to the fifth round but also delivered iconic performances that are etched in the memories of fans.

First Album

Following his SMTM success, Fleeky Bang released the single ‘Merry Drillstmas,’ featuring Polorared, captivating audiences with his evolving artistry.

The year 2023 marked a series of changes for Fleeky Bang, including a switch of agencies to Dirty Play Records. Subsequently, he dropped his first collaborative EP, ‘FLEEKY SEASON,’ with Lil Moshpit. This project boasted features by Jay Park, pH-1, Uneducated Kid, and more.

As part of a HIPHOPPLAYA project, Fleeky Bang joined forces with fellow artists for the release of the album ‘HAN 2023.’

His highly anticipated first album, ‘The Predator,’ followed suit, featuring a double title track and collaborations with Tray B, Leellamarz, Uneducated Kid, YUMDDA, and more.

Latest release 

Fleeky Bang’s most recent offering is the second album, ‘The Predator 2: FLEEKY SYNDROME,’ showcasing a darker musical dimension with exceptional beats and stellar features, including GIRIBOY, LIL GIMCHI, pH-1, The Quiett, BIG Naughty, and more.

Fleeky Bang is rapidly gaining popularity with his alternative and unique style, standing out in the hip-hop scene. His musical evolution is a testament to his undeniable talent. Stay updated on his artistic endeavours here, and make sure to deep dive into his Soundcloud and official releases.  

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