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Rapper In The Spotlight: BIGONE

In this week’s Rapper in the Spotlight, we’re delving into the career of a seasoned rapper and songwriter who has been carving his path since 2017. Let’s shine the light on BIGONE.

Kim Dae-il (aka. BIGONE) started his music journey in 2012 as a member of the boy group 24K, where he went by the name Daeil. In 2017, after parting ways with the group, he made the bold decision to forge ahead with his solo career. He officially debuted solo under VMC with the digital single ‘W I N D M I L L.’

His follow-up digital single, ‘Wavywavywavy,’ dropped in 2018. This single album, featuring the title track and ‘FLEXINONYOU,’ set the stage for his distinct style; infusing trendy, chill beats with enhanced vocals that seamlessly complement his unique flow.

First EP

In 2019, BIGONE unveiled his first EP, ‘PEACH BLOSSOM,’ boasting collaborations with PENOMECO, Leellamarz, Sogumm, and more. The same year, he also dropped the single ‘Last Night.’

In 2020, a collaborative release with Tommy Yang titled ‘Flame Blossom’ showcased a fresh EDM-driven side of BIGONE while retaining his classic auto-tuned vocals.

His second solo EP, ‘LOVE+EMOTION+BLOSSOM,’ dropped later in the same year, featuring collaborations with Soovi, ASH ISLAND, and others.

New Start and 1st Album 

After a triumphant 2020, BIGONE returned in 2021 with the singles ‘EVERY NIGHT’ and ‘NIGHT.’

In 2022, he founded his independent label, The Dial Music, commemorating its opening with the single ‘Windy Day’ featuring JAY B.

After a series of singles, he dropped his inaugural album ‘BIGONEISTHENAME.’ Apart from stellar features, the album solidified his rock/hip-hop sound with impressive instrumentals and a cohesive concept.

Throughout 2023, BIGONE continued to explore his rock sound with the singles ‘hope’ featuring Han Yo Han and ‘Seasons Of Love.’ His latest release is the collaborative song ‘Pop Punk’ featuring Dive and DOHANSE.

BIGONE’s growth and sound evolution has been one of a kind, he consistently pushes boundaries and releases great music. Listen to this discography here, and stay tuned for updates by following him on Instagram.

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