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Rapper In The Spotlight: Jayci Yucca

In this week’s Rapper in the Spotlight we are talking about a rising indie hip-hop artist, with a killer rapping style, and a lot of talent. Let’s dive into Jayci Yucca’s career.


Jeong Eui-seong (aka. Jayci Yucca) debuted in 2019 under WYSD Neokidz with the dual single album ‘Drunk In Love’. In this release he included the title track with the same name, and also had the second single ‘Call It Love’ featuring Leellamarz

Soon after his debut he released his second single ‘Too hard’ featuring LIlBOI produced by TOIL. This same year, he dropped the two extended plays ‘YUCCA PROJECT’ and ‘CLOUD STAR’, along with the singles ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘FADER’ featuring Keem Hyo-Eun.

First Album

After a rather successful debut year, at the beginning of 2020 he released his first album ‘The Last Boy In The Class’. This release included features by ASH ISLAND, Skinny Brown, Leellamarz and many others. 

During this year he continued building on his solid discography, released four digital singles and his first collaborative EP ‘Tocca Brown : Highteen Rockstars’ with Skinny Brown and the producer TOIL. 

With these releases he started to incorporate rock music elements more often, diversifying his sound and vibe even more. 

Between 2021 and 2022, Jayci participated and released several projects, a few highlights of these two years include his two collaborative EPs ‘Welcome to the Kicako House’ part 1 and 2, with PATEKO and Kid Wine, his second full length album ‘The Last Boy In The Class 2’, along with the single albums ‘Let It Flow’, ‘Black Eye’, ‘Sensitive’, ‘THE LAST EMOTIONS’, ‘Come To Me’, ‘Not Even once’, and ‘Used’.

Latest works

Jayci’s latest works are mostly collaborative releases with well-known artists, including Milena, The Quiett, and many more.

His latest surprise was the dingo Killing Verse performance, where he performed a few of his most well-known singles and left more than one absolutely speechless. Watch it below

Jayci Yucca is definitely steadily growing his following with dope music, a diverse sound, and incredible features. To keep up with his release make sure to follow his Instagram, and for musical gems check his Soundcloud

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