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[Review] P1Harmony – Killin’ It

P1Harmony is back in full force with their highly anticipated first full-length album, ‘Killin’ It.’ As promised by the Melon description, this release showcases a diverse range of genres and introduces a new facet of the group. Let’s delve into the musical journey they’ve crafted.

Killin’ It

The title track, ‘Killin’ It,’ kicks off the album with an energetic punch, featuring heavy bass, dynamic mixing, and a catchy flow. The 90s vibes are strong, and the rap line delivers with flair, making it a solid title track. The accompanying music video adds another layer of brilliance with creative sequences, impeccable styling, and an overall K-pop aesthetic.

Following up, ‘Late Night Calls‘ offers smooth vibes, excellent layering, and standout vocals. The composition and arrangement make it an unmissable b-side, showcasing the group’s versatility.

Transitioning into ‘Everybody Clap,’ the album takes a hip-hop turn with synth riffs and infectious beats, inviting listeners to hit the dance floor. The rhythm and energy in this track are irresistible.

Love Story‘ introduces an upbeat pop ballad, contributing a dreamy element to the album. With lovely acoustics, heartwarming lyrics, and beautiful vocals, it adds a charming touch.

Combining hip-hop beats with electric guitar and drums, ‘Countdown To Love‘ creates an epic track with fantastic vocals, rapping, and harmonies. The song builds momentum with each beat drop.

Starting with a siren, ‘Emergency‘ sets the mood for a hype song with a unique vibe. The creative arrangement, effective use of silence, and solid build make it a standout track in the album.

2Nite‘ injects funk and groove into the album, creating an irresistible dance-worthy track that is sure to get you moving. The energy is infectious.

The vocal line takes the spotlight in ‘Let Me Love You,’ featuring great harmonies and a tone that makes it a delightful vibe. The song showcases the group’s vocal prowess.

Street Star‘ brings in 808 bass, dynamic beat speed changes, and fantastic layering. The rap line shines, adding a level of hype that elevates the overall experience.

Closing the album, the self-composed single ‘I See U‘ is a heartfelt dedication to fans. With lovely melodies and a warm feel, it’s a fitting conclusion that is sure to bring smiles to listeners’ faces.

P1Harmony’s first full-length album, ‘Killin’ It,’ is a rollercoaster of surprises, showcasing a well-rounded and previously unseen side of the group. It’s a legendary release that you don’t want to miss. Enjoy the full album here.

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