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[Review] Killing Romance

We’re back with a new film review and this time we’re writing about the film ‘Killing Romance’. Let’s take a closer look at this cult fave.

Killing Romance

This movie was written by Park Jung-Ye and directed by Lee Won-Suk. ‘Killing Romance’ is a blend of musical numbers with a Wes Anderson style and a dark comedy vibe.

We follow our main character Hwa Yeo-rae portrayed by Lee Ha-Na. Hwa is an actress who rose to fame by doing commercials and later on starred in dramas and films. Her last movie was a flop so she ran away to Qualla island where she meets the business mogul Jonathan Na, played by the late Lee Sun-Kyun.

After seven years the couple return to Seoul where they move to Sunshine Village. Their neighbour Beom-woo (Gong Myung) is part of Hwa’s fanclub and wants to help her out of her toxic marriage. The two hatch a plan to murder the husband and while doing so end up in hilarious situations.


This is definitely a must-watch. The plot is hilarious and the comedy well-timed. The musical numbers are also delightful and there’s even a special version of ‘Rainism’ by Rain. Everything is so incredibly over the top, I’m obsessed. The ostriches were so extra!

I can totally see how this became a cult favorite so fast. I can’t wait to rewatch this a second time!

Check out the trailer below.

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