Photo credits: Quarter Music


The boys from E’LAST are back with their latest mini-album ‘iDENTIFICATION’. Let’s take a closer look at this comeback.


We start off with the title track ‘Kiss me baby’. We’re going for groovy dance pop with this one.

Next up is ‘NEVERLAND’. This is a cool rock track with heavy guitars and a lot of power. The chorus is fun and really grabs the attention.

After that we get the soft ‘Together’. This is a self-composed song by the members to express their gratitutde to the fans. It’s adorable.

‘Rain’ is a ballad with a stunning piano line and some beautiful harmonization.

The following two tracks ‘Thrill’ and its Japanese version were released in February.

Overall ‘iDENTIFICATION’ was a very cute release by E’LAST. Go listen to it here.

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