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Ready for Another Song Challenge? (Vol.26)

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Photo credits: Music&New
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Hyun Hee Seen, from SEENROOT – the duo that mega-hit ‘Sweet Heart’ – is back with a super kitsch single [MISHMASH]

Thew new release is made out of 100 percent of Seen’s loveliness. The witty song ‘MISHMASH’ expresses the confusing heart with a fast backbeat rhythm. This danceable rock sound pops at the bridge with the unique rap part. If you felt something different in the accent at the rap part, you’re right, she used one of the Korean dialects in the lyrics and flow!

– Do you remember the ‘OPPAYA’ wave that hit 2017? Maybe ‘MISHMASH’ can be another good song for a TikTok challenge!

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heyseunghey & umzi – As u want
– The cutest version of K-R&B!

– Time to say good bye to summer 🙁

Jaewoong Choi – When You Talk About Death
– “When you talk about death, I somehow feel left out”

Jang Heewon – the beginning of love
– The more you love, the more anxious you become

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Classic never gets old. Here’s a song that was used in a commercial last March and became viral on YouTube with more than 8m views – ‘White night’ by Zitten, released in 2011.

Mingginyu, a rising R&B/folk singer-songwriter who’s winning support from the Gen Zs, remade ‘White night’. The lonely mood and lyrics of the original song blend perfectly with Mingginyu’s unique sensibility and deep vocal tone.

– Let’s also take a look at the shout-out from Zitten and Mingginyu’s cute comments on it!

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That was it for this Weekly Ripple Newsletter: Ready for another song challenge.

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