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Let’s dive into soulful music with this week’s R&B Gem featuring the one and only THAMA. 

Jo Jung-min (aka. THAMA) debuted independently in 2014 with the digital single ‘Island’. Before debuting as a singer he won second place in the YG cover contest by covering Taeyang’s hit ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’. 

During the beginning of his career he used his name for his releases, it wasn’t until 2017 that he started to officially go by the name THAMA. After his debut in 2014, he came back in 2015 with his first EP ‘Things I Know’. Check below the lead singles for these releases. 

In 2017, he released the single ‘Fall In Love’ featuring Owen Ovadoz. 

This release was followed by the single ‘Like That’ featuring Giriboy in 2018 under his new agency Devine Channel. With this single THAMA also released his first official music video. Check it out below. 

His third single ‘You’ was released the same year, this single has a lovely inclusion of THAMA’s melodic rapping. Listen to it below. 

Amoeba Culture

In 2019, his second EP ‘Pre’ was released as part of the collaborative project between Devine Channel and Amoeba Culture. Check the music video below. 

He came back in 2020 with the single ‘Do It For Love’ featuring George. This release was followed up by the single album ‘LAND’. Check below the title track for these releases. 

In late 2020, he was part of the Amoeba Culture music project ‘나 오늘’, KozyPop collaborative project ‘Google Map’, and the well-known single ‘AUTOMATIC REMIX’. Below you can check out these releases.

Don’t Die Colors

His latest project ‘Don’t Die Colors’ is his first full length album, this release includes features by well-known artists like Verbal Jint, Dynamic Duo, Kim Oki, among others. 

With this album, THAMA included his well-known R&B sound with elements from different genres making this album a beautiful listening experience, variety of sound and a lot of soul. Check below the singles ‘København’ and ‘Blessed’. 

If you want to check out some hidden singles by THAMA check his Soundcloud, head over to his Spotify profile for his full discography, and follow him on Instagram for updates and cute pics. 

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