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THAMA is back with ‘Ooh Ooh’

R&B singer THAMA is back with the new single album ‘Ooh Ooh‘, if you haven’t heard a lot about him check out our R&B Gem dedicated to his career. THAMA is one of those artists whose releases have been solid from the very beginning. His discography is packed with music gems.

For this single album he released three new tracks. ‘Ooh Ohh‘ starts off this release as the title track and offers a very smooth and chill sound that goes straight to the heart. Listening to this single is like getting a warm hug. It is beautifully done and its tempo and flow is just calming. Check the visualizer below.

Next up is ‘HEY‘ taking over with grooviness and a lot of style. The guitar instrumentation in this track is flawless, and THAMA’s vocals and rapping are out of this world. It’s an amazing listen from start to end.

Last on this single album is ‘Alive‘, playing off with an alternative vibe and a unique arrangement. The tempo changes in this track are a vibe. I like how organic, chill and effortlessly good this song is.

As usual THAMA delivered amazing music in this release. Make sure to listen to it here, and if you want to check our exclusive review of his album ‘DON’T DIE COLORS‘ make sure to your hand on a copy of our special annual magazine.

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