photo credit by Kim Oki

Indie Pick: Kim Oki

My fellow jazz lovers, welcome to this week’s Indie Pick about Kim Oki. If you’re not into jazz, don’t worry, he has had some really great collabs into different genres as well. 

Kim Oki is a Korean saxophonist and clarinettist. And broke through in the jazz world with his first release from 2013: ‘Cherubim’s Wrath’. The annoying thing is that I couldn’t find it on either Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube. However, I did find a recording of one of his songs at a live stage. So enjoy baby Kim Oki performing ‘A Dwarf Launches a little ball’.

It is frustratingly hard to find a lot of information about him, like I couldn’t even find a birth date. Right now he’s under the label ‘Bongtongpan’, but again, apart from the fact that they’re licensing the music to Poclanos Records, there’s nothing to be found. Or I’m not finding it. 

Regardless, here are some of my favorite song by Kim Oki. 

Listen to his collab with rapper Woo.

He has joined hands a couple of times with one of my all time favorite solo artists, Samuel Seo. It’s literally the softest thing.

That’s it for this week’s Indie Pick. I hope you enjoyed the music. It’s a little bit different from our usual indie features, but I’ve been meaning to write about Kim Oki for the longest time, so I’m really happy I could share his music with you. 

Here’s his Instagram and his Spotify account.

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