Photo Credits: WAVY Seoul

Label Deep Dive: WAVY

In this week’s Label Deep dive we are sharing the growth of one of our favourite labels. Let’s talk about WAVY.

WAVY Seoul was founded by R&B singer Colde in 2018. From its beginning the agency was marketed towards Colde’s music and merch, with stunning aesthetics presented in the Instagram page, making his music and image even more popular. 

In June 2019, it was announced that the singer, rapper and producer Jiwoo had joined the agency and made his debut with the EP ‘Maison’. 

In October 2019, the rapper Khakki (Choi Hee-tae) joined WAVY and debuted with the single ‘Bass’. Later that year, the producer Ioah made his debut with the EP ‘Psychofetish’, however, he is no longer with the agency.  

In March 2020, Ahn Byeong Woong joined them and debuted with the EP ‘BARTOON 24’. His debut was followed up by the joining of producer Apro. 

This year it was announced that the R&B singer Milena and the band Wave to Earth joined the agency, expanding the already incredible list of indie artists signed under WAVY.

For updates and stunning aesthetics follow their Instagram page here, and check their official page for merch and a lot more. 

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