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[R&B Gem] Sion

In this edition of R&B Gem, we turn our attention to a rising star whose exceptional lyrical skills and unique tonality have captured the music scene this year. Allow us to introduce you to the remarkable talent known as Sion.

Jung Si-On (aka. Sion) embarked on his musical journey in 2020 when he participated in the German version of the popular audition program, ‘The Voice’. At a mere 17 years old, he surprised the judges with his soulful singing, sharp rapping, and all-encompassing talent. His presence made history as one of the youngest semi-finalists ever, leaving viewers in awe of his raw and natural ability.

Beautiful Noise 

Following his success on the talent show, Sion’s journey in the Korean music industry took flight. In 2021, he independently released his first solo single, ‘Molting,’ marking the beginning of his career with an experimental track that beautifully melded his distinctive soulful singing and unique rapping tone.

That same year, he also collaborated on two singles with indie artists Davey and Uzuhan, as well as the duo Friends from School.

In 2022, he made his official debut under Beautiful Noise with his first EP, ‘love.’ Sion described this release as “a novel-like EP that explores the theme of love, often considered cliché, in a twisted and peculiar manner.” This extended play introduced a captivating blend of experimental beats, masterful rapping, and his deep vocal tones. The lyrics, rich in metaphors and natural talent, stood out as exceptional, showcasing his artistic ability.

He followed up this release with the single ‘Braindead’ and the collaborative single ‘HYDE’ with BEAT SOMEONE.

Sion’s 2023 journey began with pre-release singles ‘Flying Fish’ and ‘Dirt Cheap,’ paving the way for his second EP, ‘Live.’ Simultaneously, he joined forces with the idol group THE NEW SIX for their title track, ‘Love or Die.’

With his second EP, ‘Live,’ Sion delivered a vocally-focused release with incredible lyricism that resonates deeply with listeners. The release delves into social criticism, addressing issues and concerns relevant to an entire generation of young adults.

This solid release was followed with the smooth and rather groovy single ‘Grow and Fly’. 

 Latest releases

Sion’s most recent releases are part of two special projects: the first is his contribution to ‘Time Spent Walking Through’ from Beyond the Studio, and the second is part of the duo AKMU’s ‘Long Day, Long Night ‘special show.

‘Memories’ is the title of the former project, featuring 10cm. This release unveils a more acoustic and emotional side of Sion’s music. The second single, titled ‘The Wind is Blowing,’ marks Sion’s first acoustic ballad, delivering a soulful experience that tugs at the heartstrings of listeners.

Sion’s career is only starting to bloom, this rising star is already a well-known name in the industry, and we are sure we will listen to a lot more from him in the future. 

For musical gems, dive into his Soundcloud, and follow him on Instagram for updates and releases.

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